UPDATE (APRIL 2, 2014)
We’re a few steps closer. I’m happy to announce that two persons, a Jewish-American woman and an Israeli woman have jointly made an anonymous US$ 2,000 donation toward this scholarship campaign.

This brings our new target to 3,635 GBP (US$ 6,042).

Now that the list of donors includes Palestinians, Americans, British, Austrians, Israeli, as well as Jewish-Americans, I am more grateful than ever. The power of collective action should never be underestimated.

We now are in the homestretch of this campaign. Your continued support is appreciated.

UPDATE (FEB. 11, 2014)
More good news. Two more donations have been received. The generosity being expressed in this scholarship drive is humbling.

A Palestinian development professional and his wife, who are based in the UK but work between Tunis and Libya, have made a generous 400 GBP donation to the scholarship campaign. Not only that, but they are seeking to link us to another potential donor.

Also, a retired Chicago-based psychology counselor and church activist (not to mention dear friend) has made a generous $700 donation to the scholarship campaign.

This brings our new target to 5,065 GBP ($8,042).

We are going to make this happen, together!

UPDATE (FEB. 4, 2014)
Another generous donation has been made.

A retired U.S. businessman in Chicago has made a very generous $1,000 donation to the scholarship campaign.

This brings our new target to 6,020 GBP ($9,800). We are almost there.

Thank you in advance for your continued support.

UPDATE (JAN. 23, 2014)
We’re making progress.

A UK business executive (and friend) has come forward with a 1,000 GBP personal donation.

This means we are now only 6,500 GBP ($10,800) away from being able to successfully close our campaign.

Asking for money is one of the most difficult tasks one can assume, but if we did not hold enough passion to reach out to help others, humanity will have been deeply wounded. So, please bear with us as we remain focused during this last stretch of our scholarship campaign.

Thank you in advance for your continued support.

UPDATE (JAN. 16, 2014)
More good news.

An Austrian think tank organization has committed to providing our scholarship candidate with a fellowship which will cover 3,000 Euros (2,500 GBP) of the remaining 10,000 GBP needed.

This means we are only 7,500 GBP ($12,250) away from being able to successfully close our campaign.

We can only claim success and set this student on his career track with your help.

We do not belittle the outstanding amount, but are confident that at least 10 persons will step forward with 700-1,000 GBP donations each which will make this happen.

Thank you in advance for your continued support.

We are happy to report that there has been a positive development on the scholarship appeal for Mousa Jiryis.

A generous Palestinian private sector donor has decided to grant Mousa 12,000 GBP to cover his full tuition (6,215 GBP) and part of the living expenses (18,000 GBP).

This reduces the appeal by half!

My firm, AIM, has pitched in 2,215 GBP to bring the amount we still need to raise to 10,000 GBP ($16,500).

We are confident that all of our collective efforts will bring this appeal to a close with Mousa's scholarship fully covered.

Applied Information Management (AIM)
is an organization that works with all types of enterprises, from small NGOs to educational institutions and large corporations. It is tightly knit to the Palestinian community and each year, AIM's partners decide on an appropriate venue for AIM's CSR efforts, based on community and/or individual needs identified. AIM does not discriminate geographically and views the Palestinian people as one, wherever they reside.

AIM commits to matching all funds raised with cash and/or in-kind services to the chosen beneficiary.

For the year 2013/2014, AIM'S CSR efforts are being directed towards a scholarship fund to help a Palestinian student in need.

A graduate of the London School of Economics (LSE), and with several years’ experience in working within the Palestinian development scene and within the local and UK business communities, our candidate is currently reading for his Master's degree in Westminster University, UK, in International Relations. He intends to return to Palestine upon completion of his studies. He holds Israeli citizenship (Palestinian Catholic from Fassouta village, in the Galilee). Regretfully, most, if not all, scholarship schemes for Palestinian students in Palestine exclude those who are Israeli citizens.

AIM is committed to supporting him in his efforts for three main reasons: 1) He is an extremely intelligent individual with real potential, 2) there is a real need for Palestinians to increase our capacity in the field of International Relations to be able to fully engage our cause using a professional approach, and, 3) the minority Palestinian Christian community inside Israel deserves our support.

To this end, the target to raise in AIM's CSR campaign for this year is $40,000 (Tuition fees: £6,215, Living Costs: £18,000, for 12 months), by June 30, 2014. If you would like to help, please click here to use one of the donation methods listed, and kindly send us an email to so we may confirm funds were received. All those who donate to this scholarship fund will be sent a personal thank you letter by our candidate, at which time his identity will be shared. Any excess funds will roll over to the following year’s CSR campaign.

We thank you very much for supporting Palestinian students.